Ever since I was able to think independently, I have been taking the liberty to do things my own way. Over the years I realized that it is possible to live life your own way and be successful on your own terms. That has helped me enjoy what I do. Today even at the age of 67, I continue to clock 12 work hours a day and am working on accomplishing the next goal, because of the courage I gained over the years to do things my own way. People can be happy only if they are authentically true to themselves and take life as it comes. It is immensely difficult to live on your own terms as society wants you to play by the rulebook. It judges you immensely if you act differently. But if we believe in ourselves, we should be striving to live up to our craziest of dreams and our insane goals. Never give up on your dreams, even though it may be difficult to realize it fully. Because chasing your dream and losing, is better than sitting back and not even trying, as that is sure to cause immense regret later. My life and times are reflective of these philosophies. As I am creating this personal website first time ever, I have chosen to include few snippets and highlights of my career. Please go through the content and connect with me. You may also like to procure a copy of my autobiography – “The Joy Of Dreaming”- through this site.
Happy reading!!